Future of The Internet

Why the Internet is like the wild west

Posted by Jasdev Singh on March 12, 2014
The Internet has been described as being similar to the Old West – wild, dangerous and providing a ton of opportunities. Plus, it is constantly changing, and new technologies are emerging everyday. [1]

With big players like Facebook and WhatsApp dominating the current market, it is almost impossible to predict what will be the next big thing to take over the Internet.

But, seeing the recent trends, I’d say some things:

  • In the future all internet content will be delivered via cloud-based platforms, and client-end devices will become thinner and lighter.
  • Every device in the world will be inter-operable with every other device. Yes, our toasters will talk with our washing machines.
  • Privacy and security will be considered very important (thanks to the NSA), and will be tightly regulated.
  • More cloud, mobile and web based start-up’s will be founded, and young entrepreneurs will dominate the development of cheap and new technology.
  • Wireless web access will be blazing fast and cheap (or free). Wireless power supplies will be used extensively.
  • We will have wearable and sprayable devices that run on low power (or take power from the body), and are always online. Google Glass was one small step in this direction.
  • Massively Multiplayer Online Games will be part of our daily routine. Simple tasks like going for work will be gamified in some form, and all this will aim to benefit the community as a whole.

[1]: Why the Internet is Like the Wild West